Universal Studios Hollywood New Years Eve

Celebrating the holidays from Christmas through to the new year can be done in many ways.

Some people celebrate at home while others look for an outing.

An enticing option for an outing to celebrate the new year is the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

The Universal Studios Hollywood New Years Eve offers you a platform to indulge in various fun activities and have a memorable start to the new year.

Get a Universal Studios Hollywood ticket and enjoy the occasion.

EVE at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood New Years Eve obviously takes place on the 31st of December but the park is decorated in holiday cheer long before that.

People can gain access to the EVE with a general admission ticket or a Platinum annual pass.

At New Year’s Eve Universal Studios Hollywood, apart from the adventurous rides and entertaining shows and attractions, you can enjoy many more activities.

Those include multiple party areas with singing, dancing, photo sessions and food. 

There is also a marvelous fireworks celebration preceded by a countdown to the new year.

The park opening hours are extended on New Year’s Eve. The park hours change for the holiday season before Christmas to accommodate bigger crowds and more activities.

From Christmas leading up to Universal Studios Hollywood New Years celebration, the park remains open from 8 am to 10 pm.

The park opens at the same time on 31 December but the closing time is delayed more than any other occasion as people celebrate into the new year.

Welcome the new year in style and celebrate until 2 am at the park for an exciting and energetic kick-off to your new year.

The event is a park-wide event and doesn’t just happen in a corner. The park starts seasonal celebrations before Christmas and tops them off with the New Year celebration.

EVE Party Areas

You can celebrate New Year’s at Universal Studios Hollywood in the various party areas in the park.

These party areas feature dance, music, drinks (purchasable) and much more. Get yourself in a celebratory mood with live entertainment as the clock winds down on the year.

EVE Photo Ops 

Another way to have fun at Universal Studios Hollywood New Years Eve is through photo ops or sessions.

Click great holiday photos throughout the park with a Hollywood theme. These photos are a great way to capture the fun at the event.

Drinking and Shopping

Relish the cocktails and other types of drinks and beverages which are purchasable in the party areas.

You can also get memorabilia and glow items at the party. This activity is subject to age restrictions and you must be an adult (21 years) to purchase items like drinks.


The New Year builds up with all the activities and celebrations leading up to the fireworks. 

The New Year’s Eve at Universal Studios Hollywood caps off with a beautiful fireworks display.

Watch the amazing patterns in the sky and the colorful fireworks as everyone cheers and the park welcomes a new year.

This is a fitting climax to the special celebration and the party goes on until 2 am in the park. 

Welcome the new year with delight and find your energy to start things off the right way with the Universal Studios Hollywood New Years Eve celebrations.

Rides and Attractions

With all the exclusive and special festivities on hand don’t forget the usually thrilling rides and impressive attractions.

Ride the daunting and exhilarating rides and attend the various shows, including Christmas-themed ones.

These things are a good way to enjoy the day before settling into the celebrations at night.

The Other New Year Celebration

Aside from the Universal Studios Hollywood New Year’s Eve, you can partake in another celebration.

The Lunar New Year at Universal Studios Hollywood is also commemorated each year, although the magnitude of the event has decreased post-lockdown.

The Universal Studios Hollywood Lunar New Year is marked mainly through Asian-themed cuisine.

The restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood prepare famous Asian dishes such as:

  • Pork Ramen Noodles
  • Creamy Sesame Noodle Salad
  • Secret Ingredient Noodle Soup
  • The Peachy Rabbit
  • The Lucky Lotus
  • Korean Corn Dog
  • Teriyaki Chicken
  • Prosperous Steamed Fish
  • Desserts such as Long Life Sugar Donut, Year of the Rabbit Almond Cookie, etc.

In the 2023 Lunar New Year, the park featured the Hello Kitty character and some relevant decorations.

Multiple restaurants as mentioned above offer a variety of delicacies for guests to enjoy.

The park has historically featured more activities to note the event not too long ago. 

The decoration covered a larger area and also featured facts that educated those not familiar with the tradition.

Apart from Hello Kitty, you also had the chance to meet and click photos with other characters from Kung Fu Panda such as Po, Tigress, Mr. Ping and even a Mandarin-speaking transformer.

Other activities involved a Lunar Year Wish, where you write a wish on a red piece of paper and clip it to the plum blossoms.

An art class where you are taught how to draw the Po character.

A chance to purchase merchandise matching the occasion and weekend cultural performances to celebrate the new year.

The park may restart a more elaborate celebration as the attendances get back up. Be on the lookout for the park’s advertisement for 2024.

The event usually starts mid-January and lasts until the next month. It has been celebrated with fervor over the years.

There is a lot to do at Universal Studios Hollywood New Years Eve party. You can make memories that last a long time with your family or loved ones. 

To experience all that the amusement park offers on New Year’s Eve, buy a Platinum Annual Pass or Universal Studios Hollywood entry tickets

Featured Image: Facebook.com(UniversalStudiosHollywood)

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