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The souvenir shop at Universal Studios Hollywood, Production Central, is a haven for movie enthusiasts seeking more than just typical mementos. 

Conveniently situated at Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk next to Mini Monster, this store goes beyond being a mere gift shop. 

Its address at 100 Universal City Plz, Universal City, CA 91608. Get directions

This store stands as a must-visit spot catering to movie enthusiasts and Universal Studios visitors alike.

It boasts an impressive array of Back to the Future merchandise and provides not just souvenirs but also an engaging and enjoyable shopping experience.

Originally a film-making and history-themed store, the store offered a glimpse into Universal’s archives with captivating photos and anecdotes about the famed hauntings on Stage 28.

Over the years, the thematic elements evolved, shifting away from its movie-studio ambiance to becoming a thriving theme park gift shop. 

Despite the gradual transformation, it remains a standout store within the park.

While stocking the typical array of souvenir items like key chains, lanyards, and pens, the store truly shines with its diverse collection of movie-themed memorabilia. 

Ranging from classic films such as Jaws to the most recent blockbusters like the just-released Fast 9, the store boasts an extensive array of merchandise. 

You will find everything from a t-shirt, masks, drinkware, plush animals, Funko Pops, and action figures to even a selection of replica cars in the case of Fast 9.

If you’re an autograph enthusiast, you’ll find it to be a treasure trove of signed memorabilia from your favorite stars.

As the Halloween season approaches, Production Central also takes on an exciting transformation. 

The Universal Monsters collection is a must-visit for fans of classic horror, as it provides a wide range of monster-themed merchandise like Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, the Mummy, or any other iconic Universal monster.

With its diverse offerings, friendly staff, and convenient location in the heart of Universal Studios Hollywood, the store is a go-to destination for visitors. 

Opening hours 

Production Central Universal Studios Hollywood operating hours are usually 9 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday.


Production Central Universal Studios Hollywood prices span a spectrum from moderate to high, with occasional sale items offering attractive deals.

You can also benefit from unique offers, such as the free coffee or hot chocolate coupon with a purchase, redeemable just across from the shop, followed by 99-cent refills on the day of purchase. 

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You’ll have priority access to Production Central’s exciting attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Featured Image: Wdwnt.com

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