Universal Studios Hollywood Express Ticket

With this Universal Studios California express ticket, you receive express access to the park’s rides, attractions, shows, and a full-day park entrance. 

Express tickets Universal Studios Hollywood are only available in a limited amount each day, so get yours in advance for the best experience.

The Express ticket at Universal Studios Hollywood was formerly known as the “Front-of-line pass.”

This ticket includes:

  • All performances at Universal Studios Hollywood include a single allocated seat.
  • Access to all rides and attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood only once.
  • Entry to Universal Studios Hollywood for one day

Universal Studios Hollywood Express Ticket Prices

If you are wondering how much is Express ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood, the table below gives an overview.

Visitor TypeTicket Price
Adult ticket (3 years and above)$279
Infant ticket (upto 2 years)Free Entry

How does the Express Pass work?

The Universal Express pass, “express tickets,” or Universal Studios Hollywood skip the line tickets are an upgrade over the Universal Studios Hollywood general admission ticket.

The admission ticket and the express pass are included when buying the Universal express pass online.

The pass allows you to bypass the regular lines and enter through a special entrance reserved for express pass holders.

The express ticket for Universal Studios you buy is sent to you via email and can be accessed from your mobile device on your visit.

Benefits – rides, shows and more

The Universal Studios Hollywood tickets express can save ride and show time.

You have to scan the Universal Studios skip the line tickets, and you can get on any of the rides at Universal Studios Hollywood without waiting in a long line.

You get one-time priority admission to shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, including WaterWorld and Universal’s Animal Actors, along with after-show exclusive meet-and-greets with the animals and staff.

The Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour, a 60-minute tram tour of the backlots, is also accessible with the express pass.

How long are the wait times when using a Universal Express pass?

Most of the time, if you have an express pass, you can skip the line and board the ride immediately. 

However, you will enter the express line for popular attractions with lengthy lines, usually substantially shorter than the regular queue.

When to buy express passes?

The express pass is helpful during the busiest months of the year when the park becomes exceptionally crowded.

The busiest times at Universal Studios include weekends, summer vacations, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

It would help if you got the express pass to truly enjoy and not spend half the time waiting in lines.

On the other hand, if you are visiting theme parks on a weekday, you can skip buying the express pass.

Where to buy express passes?

Purchase your tickets beforehand
Image: Tripsavvy.com

The Universal Studios express pass Hollywood can be purchased inside the park or at the counters near the entrance. 

However, because a finite number of passes are available daily, we advise purchasing them online

Considering that they may sell out, order your passes well in advance.

How many Universal Express passes should you purchase?

Everyone would require a general admission ticket, but only a few would need an express pass.

Each person who wants to ride must purchase an express pass. 

Therefore, buying passes for kids who can’t ride because of height restrictions is pointless.

Is the Universal Studios Hollywood Express pass worth it?

Express pass is helpful during peak hours, as was discussed in the previous section, and is well worth the extra cost if it fits within your budget.

With the time you save by purchasing the express pass, you can see everything in the park at least once.

Universal Express Pass v/s Unlimited Pass

The Universal Studios Hollywood express pass grants only one-time entry to rides and shows.

However, a Universal Express Unlimited pass allows you unlimited access to all the rides and shows.

The Unlimited Pass is ideal if you’re traveling with kids who might want to revisit rides many times.

Universal Express pass v/s VIP ticket

universal studios hollywood VIP ticket
Image: NYTimes.com

A Universal express pass is different from a VIP ticket.

To have an even better experience, you can opt for the VIP ticket. 

A VIP ticket will get you a VIP tour of Universal’s Backlot and many other privileges, including unlimited access to rides and attractions, priority seating at shows, breakfast, lunch, valet parking, and VIP lounge access.  

Learn more about the VIP ticket here.


Is admission included in the Universal Express pass?

You receive both the admission ticket and the express pass at Universal Studios Hollywood when you purchase a Universal express ticket.

Why does the Universal Express pass cost so much?

Universal Express passes are pricey because they enable you to avoid lines and save a significant amount of time. 

The entire purpose of the express pass would be defeated if it were inexpensive and everyone would buy it.

Can I purchase a Universal Express Pass at the Park?

We have the answer if Express Pass is available and how much it is at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Express passes can be bought within the theme park and at the park entrance, usually costing more than if bought online.

However, purchase them beforehand, as a limited number of passes are sold daily and could run out of stock.

Does the Universal Express pass sell out?

Express passes are famous and sell out early during the busiest summer months, school breaks, long weekends, etc.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy your express tickets in advance.

Is there a fast pass at Universal Studios Hollywood?

The Universal Studio Hollywood version of Fast Passes is the Universal Express Pass and Universal Express Unlimited Pass, a Universal Studios Hollywood express pass upgrade. 

Using them allows one to enter the ride quickly and bypass regular lines.

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