The World Famous Studio Tour

Explore the heart of filmmaking on a riveting journey with the World Famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

This famous site offers an inside look at the magic of Hollywood by taking guests behind the scenes. 

The Universal Studios Hollywood studio tour is an immersive and unique experience.

It highlights the artistry and ingenuity of bringing films to life, from exploring renowned movie sets to coming across amazing special effects. 

Prepare to embark on a unique voyage that will take you beyond the screen and reveal the mysteries of the movie industry.

With his creative input, Steven Spielberg developed the most extensive set design in studio history. It features 13 city blocks on 400+ acres of historic studio land. 

It is one of the most significant activities at the Los Angeles tourist destination, and every ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood offers you access to the tour.

The Studio Tour Timings

Universal Studios Hollywood opens every day of the year, at around 9 pm. 

Its closing time fluctuates seasonally, from 6 pm in the winter to 11 pm in the height of summer.

Trams for the Studio Tour begin running an hour after the theme park opens and end an hour before it closes for the day.

How long does the Studio Tour last?

You may glimpse the movie industry on the 60-minute Universal Studios Hollywood tour.

The tram passes movie sets and props through the Front Lot, Backlot, and many attractions.

Some visitors have complained that their tours only lasted 45 to 50 minutes, which is possible on days when it’s jam-packed.

Best time to take the Studio Tour

The best times to do the Studio Tour are late morning, early afternoon, or early evening.

It is due to rising temperatures and long lines for the Universal rides. 

Check the wait times for rides.

When you are tired and want to sit down and enjoy the 60-minute tram journey, taking the Studio Tour in the middle of your stay is advisable.

Take your time with the last tram departure because the World Famous Studio Tour trams stop before Universal Studios Hollywood closes.

Buy tickets in advance

You can avoid ticket counter lineups and save money if you purchase a General Admission ticket

Choose the Express Ticket option on the booking page to bypass the lineups at the ticket booths and the ride queues. 

To learn more about the Universal Hollywood Express Pass, click the link. 

There are various methods to obtain discount tickets at Universal Hollywood if you’re on a tight vacation budget.

What to expect on the backlot tour?

Universal Studios Hollywood is a must-see for movie fans, and the studio tour is the only opportunity for guests to see how movies are made.

It brings you into the production rooms where movies are made and the daily workplaces of Hollywood’s most prominent actors.

You may learn about Hollywood’s filmmaking techniques on the renowned studio tour and visit the biggest street movie set.

Some of the highlights of the backlot tour are listed below:

Fast & Furious – Supercharged

Take part in an intense high-speed chase with the all-star cast from the blockbuster movies.

You reach 120 mph and get thrown into the dangerous underworld of fast automobiles and multinational crime cartels.

You’ll be immersed in a world of cutting-edge, ultra-realistic spectacular effects, including 3D-HD imagery displayed on the giant 360-degree screens ever built!

King Kong 360 3-D

Don’t miss Peter Jackson’s award-winning King Kong 360-3D, the most extensive 3-D experience in the world.

It is exclusively available on the Studio Tour and with a Universal Studios Hollywood ticket.

Your pulse will quicken, and your survival instincts will get wild. 

Be prepared to witness a horrific battle between a 35-foot T-Rex and King Kong.

Earthquake – The Big One

The 8.3 Ritcher scale earthquake in a San Francisco subway station is how the Earthquake experience at Universal Studios is intended to appear.

The earthquake begins at Stage 50 of the tram journey.

A blazing gasoline tanker crashes through the station’s ceiling, a subway train derails, and a wave of water rushes in as the entire structure trembles.

Your tram begins to shake even though there is mayhem all around.

Within 15 seconds, the attraction resets itself and prepares to receive the following studio tour tram.

Before making your reservation, learn everything there is to know about the various Universal Studios Hollywood ticket options.

Flash Flood

There is a winding lane through a Mexican village where the flash flood effect occurs at Universal Studios.

The tram guide informs you that there has been a flash flood, and water is gushing down the slope as you take the “rain effect” and “thunderstorm effect” from your seat.

Ten thousand gallons of water stream down the hill in a wall that frightens the visitors before draining off.

Boeing 747 from the War of the World

The massive Boeing 747 set used by Steven Spielberg for his movie War of the Worlds is next to the Psycho house (remember Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho?).

The outdoor set was erected at an exorbitant cost – $60,000 for a decommissioned plane and $200,000 to cut it into pieces and transport it to Universal Studios Hollywood.

It got used for three days of shooting in 2005 and is still available for guests to walk around and explore.

Amity Island’s Jaws

A year after Steven Spielberg’s 1975 Jaws movie, the Amity island set was added to the Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot Tour.

Visitors encounter a moving shark animatronic from the movie, which typically makes them feel frightened.

A number of the structures seen on Martha’s Vineyard, where the entire movie was filmed on location, are recreated in the Jaws exhibit.

Bates Hotel and Mansion

During the trip, you will view the Psycho House and the Bates Motel.

Since Alfred Hitchcock wound in Psycho’s shooting in 1960, the sets have been shifted around the backlot a bit.

If you’re lucky, Norman Bates might also be hanging out at the motel.

He occasionally moves around a dead body, and if he notices you, he chases your tram while brandishing a knife.

Is the Studio Tour scary?

Many people find some of the rides at Universal Hollywood, including Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, and Revenge of the Mummy, incredibly frightening. 

It’s challenging to assign the Studio Tour a fear factor, though. 

You will be riding in a tram while taking the studios’ backlot tour, which may frighten some children and adults due to the loud noises, violent shaking, extreme water, fire effects, etc.

Celebrity guides of the studio tour

Jimmy Fallon, a comedian and the star of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” will be your video host.

He will deliver narration and interesting clips that you can see on HD displays in the trams.

You can now view an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the original Jupiter’s Claim set from Jordan Peele’s most recent horror epic, Nope, which debuted in 2022.

Actress Carmen Villalobos of Telemundo is also the host of the online video of the Spanish-language Studio Tour. 

The new vignettes from Villalobos provide audiences with intriguing insights to complement the live narrative of knowledgeable Studio Tour guides.

On certain days, you can experience the Studio Tours in Spanish. 

When you arrive, please check the digital signs scattered throughout the Park for the timings of the tours.

Backlot tours at night

During the busiest months, visitors can tour the studio’s backlot. 

We highly recommend taking both the regular Studio and Nighttime tours if you visit during the busiest summer months. 

You can access the nighttime tour with the General Admission ticket as well.

VIP Backlot Access

If you want a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes, choose the VIP Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, with special access to the Universal Backlot.

With the VIP Tour ticket, you can access locations closed to regular ticket holders.

You will tour the busiest filming locations in a dedicated trolley before exploring some well-known outdoor sites.

In addition, the VIP ticket includes valet parking and admission to all rides and shows.

It includes unlimited priority, light snacks and refreshments in a private VIP lounge, and a gourmet meal in a separate VIP dining room.

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