Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is an exciting and magical theme park in the heart of Los Angeles, California. 

Whether you’re a movie lover or thrill-seeker, Universal Studios has something for everyone. 

Planning your visit can be overwhelming, with many attractions, shows, and rides to experience. 

To make the most of your time at Universal Studios, it’s essential to have a plan in place. 

In this guide, we provide some helpful Universal Studios Hollywood tips and tricks to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable visit to the Universal theme park.  

From maximizing your time in the park to avoiding crowds, these tips for Universal Studios Hollywood will help you make the most of your Universal Studios adventure.

The park brings the magic of filmmaking to life by combining theme park rides and shows with the classic Hollywood movie experience. 

Here are the essential Universal Studios Hollywood tips that will help you to enjoy a trip to Universal Studios California to the fullest.

1. Purchase your tickets beforehand

Purchase your tickets beforehand
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Getting your Universal Studios Hollywood tickets in advance will save time and money. 

Consider purchasing a Universal Express ticket, which includes admission and one-time Universal Express access to each ride, show, and attraction,

This helps you skip the lines to attractions and get priority seating for performances.

2. Choose the best days to visit

The shortest wait times are in the fall, winter and spring. 

One of the best tips for Universal Studios Hollywood is to avoid the days close to holidays and when there are school holidays in Los Angeles.

Check out our guide to the best times to visit Universal Studios Hollywood.

3. Arrive before the park opens

You will be among the first visitors inside the park if you come before it opens, allowing you to enjoy the rides with the shortest waits of the day.

Arrive 30 minutes before the opening hours for parking, getting through security, and passing the metal detectors.

We recommend checking out parking charges at Universal Studios Hollywood before bringing your car to the place.

4. Have breakfast before arrival

We advise you to eat breakfast before going to the park to maximize your time enjoying the rides, shows, and entertainment.

We recommend having breakfast at your hotel before arrival to maximize your visit time. Check out the best hotels to stay near Universal Studios Hollywood.

5. Bring your water or buy souvenir cups

You’ll save money and time waiting in lines by bringing your water.

The park permits water bottles (up to two liters), baby food, tiny snacks, fruits, and vegetables. 

You can bring anything needed for particular dietary and medical needs as well.

For Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Hollywood does not permit the entry of water bottles and outside food.

6. Try to spot some celebrities

Try to spot some celebrities
Image: Newscaststudio.com

Early in the morning, the world-famous talk show, “Access Hollywood,” occasionally records just within security in front of the Universal Globe.

There are filming signs everywhere, and you might spot a celebrity if you are lucky.

7. Hit the lower lot early in the day.

You will be fine entering the Lower Lot at opening with very few people and short lines.

Typically, the Lower Lot opens when the park does. You can look at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park map to know where the Lower Lot is located.

Although it could open an hour later during slower periods, inquire when it opens.

8. Schedule your Studio tour carefully

studio tour
Image: Discoveruniversal.com

We advise going for the Studio Tour in the late morning, early afternoon, or early evening.

There are long lines for other attractions, and the weather is warming up, so your legs can rest for an hour.

To help you schedule your time efficiently, check out the itinerary for Universal Studios Hollywood.

9. Plan your trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World is the first section of the park to open before the rest, so plan your day at Universal Studios Hollywood accordingly.

So it would help if you enjoyed the rides there first thing in the morning, including Harry Potter, the Forbidden Journey, and Flight of the Hippogriff.

If you are traveling with kids, it is important to check the ride heights at Universal Studios Hollywood.

After that, when the park opens, enjoy other rides with short wait times (such as those in the Lower Lot). 

Later in the day, when the wait time in the rest of the park is at its highest, go back to Hogsmeade for lunch or dinner and shopping.

10. Eat lunch when it’s not as busy

If you eat outside of the busiest lunch hours, you’ll save the most time at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

The park has no restaurants that offer table service, and you cannot make reservations in advance. 

There are several Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk dining options next door if you’re searching for a sit-down meal.

11. Cut back on time on the StarWay

The elevators between the Upper and Lower Lot are pretty long and may take up to 10 minutes to travel in each direction (or more during peak times).

You can avoid multiple journeys as much as possible by using the Lower Lot only once.

12. Save your souvenir shopping for last

The gift stores on the route to the park exit also sell many products you may purchase throughout the park (including Wizarding World souvenirs and candies). 

You can avoid carrying bags around the park by shopping in a less crowded store with shorter lines just before leaving.

13. Get the Universal Studios Hollywood app

Universal Studios Hollywood app
Image: Universalstudioshollywood.com

If you are wondering how to plan Universal Studios Hollywood, your finest tool in the park for swiftly finding upcoming events is the Universal Studios Hollywood app.

It also helps check wait times and find restaurants (and menus) or shops. 

Additionally, it leads you throughout Universal CityWalk.

14. Invest in the VIP experience

You can take advantage of a six- to eight-hour private, guided park tour with the Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience ticket

In addition to unlimited priority access to all the rides and shows, the Unlimited Universal Express ticket also includes 

  • Exclusive backlot access
  • Valet parking 
  • A guide to help you find the best seats
  • Light snacks and beverages in the private VIP lounge 
  • A gourmet meal in the exclusive VIP dining room.

Featured Image: Universalyouthprograms.com

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