Travel FAQs for Universal Studios Hollywood

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood for the first time? Here are some frequently asked questions to help make your experience memorable.

Where is Universal Studios Hollywood?

Many people have this misconception that Universal Studios is located in Hollywood. 

However,  despite its name, this renowned attraction is located in Universal City, a rural community in the San Fernando Valley.

Address: 100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA  91608
(800) 864-8377

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Are there any hotels in the area?

To reach the park early and avoid road traffic you can plan to stay near Universal Studios. 
There are several hotels close by and some partnered with Universal Studios that offer additional benefits. 

For additional information, see the Universal Partner Hotel Packages page.

How long is the park open?

Park and Universal Studios’ operating hours are around 10 am to 6 pm, though they change throughout the year due to weather changes.

They may also change because of ongoing holidays.

Check out the Opening Hours page to know more.

What is the best ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood?

The best ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood depends on your preferences. 

The 1-day general admission ticket is popular and affordable. For busy days, the Express pass grants skip-the-line access to attractions. 

Special events like Hollywood Halloween Nights in October require separate tickets for entry. On multi-day visits, you can benefit from the LA City Hollywood Plus Pass.

Is parking an additional cost?

Yes, there are three types of parking at Universal Hollywood with additional costs.

General parking is the simplest and most affordable option at $30 before 5 pm. Preferred parking starts at $50 before 5 pm and Front gate parking at $70.

The main parking area is in the Upper Lot entrance, with valet parking available for a fee.

Do ATMs operate in the park?

Yes! The location of fast and easy cash machines:

Outside the Theme Park

• Front Gate (Right of the ticket booths)
• Throughout CityWalk

Inside the Theme Park

• Next to Kwik-E-Mart by The Simpsons Ride 
• Near Jurassic Café on the Lower Lot

Are locker services available?

Yes, locker services are available at Universal Studios Hollywood. 
So, you can keep everything extra from the day in one of the handy lockers. 
These lockers accept cash and credit cards.

These are the sizes of lockers:
$8 Lockers: Height – 12¾” Width – 11″ Length – 16½” 
$12 Lockers: Height – 16″ Width – 8″ Length – 16″ 
$15 Lockers: Height – 21½” Width – 11″ Length – 16″

Lockers are available for a flat daily fee with unrestricted access. There are limited lockers available.

Are rented wheelchairs and/or strollers available?

Yes, they are. Across from the Universal Studios Store, right inside the park, is a wheelchair and stroller rental location.

What is child switch?

Child switch, offered at some attractions, offers adults a chance to take turns waiting with a child who can’t ride. 

One or two adults stay with the child in a designated room while the rest of the party enjoys the ride. 

When they return, waiting adults can switch without standing in line. 

What are Single Rider lines?

Single Rider lines are available at select attractions for those who want to ride with shorter wait times. 

You can enter the Single Rider line to ride alone without friends or family. 

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