Universal Hollywood’s Revenge of the Mummy Ride

Take a ride through Imhotep’s tomb on the legendary ‘Revenge of the Mummy—The Ride’ at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Inspired by the popular ‘Mummy’ films, step back in time to 1926 and navigate eerie corridors, witnessing an ancient curse unleash.

And this sets the stage for a high-speed escape from the vengeful Mummy Imhotep. 

Grip the safety rail as you hurtle through the darkness, evading the malevolent force. 

The coaster, blending animatronics, motion picture technology, and robotics engineering, will tap into your primal fears—darkness, insects, speed, heights, and death. 

This $80 million marvel, inaugurated in 2004, transforms the former E.T. Adventure show building into a psychological thrill ride.

Nestled in the Lower Lot, it marks the second installation of the Revenge of the Mummy trilogy, with counterparts in Florida and Singapore

The authentic details of this ride include hieroglyphics and a genuine prop from ‘The Mummy’ movie at the queue area.


The queue for the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal Hollywood explores the mysteries of ancient Egypt. 

Set in 1944, it is a prelude to the ride and an atmospheric journey into Imhotep’s lore.

You will find authentic hieroglyphics and props from the movie passing through a dark corridor within a meticulously themed pyramid. 

The corridor also features traps, a mummified man surrounded by scarab beetles, and glimpses of an archaeological dig within Imhotep’s burial chamber. 

Watch out for signs of danger, like a disturbed sarcophagus and a mysterious hole in the wall. 

Learn about the ominous story of Imhotep at the archaeological dig. A looking glass offers warnings, and a body on the ground hints at a curse. 

Finally, climb the stairs to the boarding platform, decorated with hieroglyphs and a scarab beetle statue. You will now delve deeper into the tomb via a mine car.

Ride Experience 

The Revenge of the Mummy ride offers an intense and immersive 4-minute experience. 

It combines storytelling, special effects, and high-speed thrills. 

The ride is a symphony of sensory stimulation, with 200 strategically placed speakers delivering 18,000 watts of sound to immerse you in the ominous atmosphere. 

The ride vehicle, themed as a mine car used for artifact removal from the Mummy’s Tomb, offers a heart-pounding adventure. 

Warden Gad Hassan warns of the curse before succumbing to hungry scarabs.

You embark on a high-speed journey through darkness filled with sharp turns, steep drops, and ghostly apparitions.

Experience thrilling adventures from encounters with Imhotep to dramatic dives into darkness, all with special 4-D effects. 

The grand finale is a spooky encounter with Imhotep, complete with eerie music and lightning flashes, fog and Imhotep’s ghostly face.

Then, with a flash and a bang, it’s back to reality. 

Check out the ride’s photos to catch a glimpse of the dark, mysterious corridors, high-speed plunges, and chilling animatronics. 


The Revenge of the Mummy ride height requirement is a minimum of 48 inches (122 cm). 

Universal Express Pass offers a quick entry, and Child Swap is available upon request.

The ride is wheelchair accessible, but you’ll need to transfer from the wheelchair for the full experience.

Brace yourself for a dark ride with advanced animatronics, transitioning into a high-speed roller coaster with fog, strobe effects, sudden stops, and backward travel. 

Not recommended for most children, the coaster reaches speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, making it the spookiest ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Seasoned coaster enthusiasts can expect a thrilling, although relatively tame, indoor roller coaster adventure.

However, children new to coaster thrills must exercise caution. 


Maximize your Universal Studios Hollywood’s Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride experience with these tips. 

Due to the tight seating of 4 people per row, use the test seats near the entrance for reference. Larger guests may find row 4 more accommodating.

Expedite boarding by having your party size ready as seating is assigned. 

Plan Lower Lot visits during less crowded times and save time by completing Lower Lot attractions in one go, avoiding the less efficient StarWay.

Note that items larger than a small purse aren’t allowed on the ride, so utilize the timed lockers for storage.

You can secure smaller belongings in the onboard pouches to prevent any mishaps during the thrilling ride experience.


Is Revenge of the Mummy ride a roller coaster?

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Revenge of the Mummy ride is an enclosed roller coaster. 

It offers a high-speed indoor experience, distinguishing it from traditional outdoor roller coasters. 

How fast does Revenge of the Mummy go?

Revenge of the Mummy ride at Hollywood reaches speeds of 45 miles per hour, delivering an intense experience within its six-story exterior.

It’s a delightful surprise for those who may not expect such thrills from its unassuming exterior. 

Featured Image: Universalstudioshollywood.com

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