Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios has two levels to it – the Lower Lot and the Upper Lot.

The two-level hillside-built Universal Studios park has four escalators connecting the Lower to Upper Lot.

The central parking place is at the main entrance on the Upper Lot.

Valet parking is available for a fee, although self-parking is complimentary.

General Parking

General Parking
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General parking is the simplest and least expensive option at Universal Studios Hollywood.

It’s the option that visitors choose for parking the most.

The four parking structures at Universal – Frankenstein garage, Jurassic parking garage, ET parking garage, and Curious George parking garage are used for general parking. 

Frankenstein Garage is also where you can get Uber and Lyft pickup and drop off.

These structures are named after popular movies and characters.

The Woody Woodpecker lot is typically used for preferred and upfront parking but is occasionally used for general parking.

You won’t need to decide which parking garage is the best because staff members from Universal Studios Hollywood will direct you to one when you arrive.

If you are based in the US or Canada, we recommend the Universal Studios Hollywood tickets for hassle-free entry to the theme park.

Difference between general parking and preferred parking

The key distinctions between general and preferred parking are cost and closeness to Universal Studios Hollywood’s entrance.

With Universal Studios preferred parking, you can avoid climbing stairs and navigating the garage.

You can do this by parking on the main parking floor in a designated space that is usually close to CityWalk’s entrance and easy to find.

On average, preferred parking at Universal Studios will save your walking time by about 5 minutes, but preferred parking is more expensive than general parking.

The cost of parking at Universal Studios Hollywood is-

Parking TypeParking Price ($)
Preferred parking before 5 pm$50
Preferred parking after 5 pm$20
General parking before 5 pm$30
General parking after 5 pm$10

Difference between general parking and front gate parking

The front gate parking will save you much time walking because you almost park at Universal Studios’ front gate.

The front gate parking is only a few steps from the security checkpoint and a few seconds separate from the entrance to Universal Studios.

Since you’ll be on your feet most of the day, front-gate parking is for you if you want to reach your destination with little to no walking.

Even though front gate parking is more expensive than preferred parking, the benefit of being close to Universal Studios Hollywood’s entrance is incomparably valuable to many guests.

The cost of parking at Universal Studios Hollywood is-

Parking TypeParking Price ($)
Front gate parking$70
General parking before 5 pm$30
General parking after 5 pm$10

Unlike general and preferred parking, front gate parking has a set rate for the entire day.

Where are the locations of the parking garages at Universal Studios Hollywood?

How much is Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood
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At Universal Studios Hollywood, each parking garage bears the name of a well-known Universal film or franchise. 

The various parking levels (general, preferred, front gate, and valet) are then represented by each of these garages.

represented by each of these garages.

Parking TypeLocationTime to reach the park
General ParkingE.T.Garage20-minutes walk
General ParkingCurious George Garage15-minutes walk
Preferred ParkingFrankenstein Garage5-minutes walk
Front Gate ParkingEntrance of Universal Studios Hollywood1-minute walk
Valet ParkingJurassic Park Garage10-minutes walk

Electric vehicle charging stations are located at Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re driving an electric car and want to park and charge it at Universal Studios Hollywood, the following locations provide electric charging stations:

How much is parking at Universal Studios Hollywood?

There are two ways in which you can park at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

The two Universal Studios Hollywood parking and their parking charges are below.


Type of parkingTimePrice (per vehicle)
General Before 5 pm$30
General  After 5 pm$10
Preferred Before 5 pm$50
Preferred After 5 pm$20
Front gate All hours$70

The number of general parking is limited. Parking fees could change without notice.

Valet Parking

Universal Studios Hollywood
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The valet parking fee per vehicle for the first 2 hours is $25, and after 2 hours is $45.

There are valet parking services from CityWalk full-service restaurants with validation.

Velvet Parking Costs: 

  • $10 for upto 2.5 hours
  • $15 for 2.5 to 3.5 hours
  • $45 after 3.5 hours.

Refer to the Universal Studios Driving Direction page to learn general directions to the Park.


How much is free parking at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Studios Hollywood does not offer free parking at any of its five parking lots.

You can choose to park at general or preferred parking lots. Or more expensively, the front gate or valet parking.

How much does Universal Studios charge for car parking?

The parking price at Universal Studios Hollywood depends on your parking type.

The least expensive option is General parking for $30 before 5 pm and $10 after 5 pm. 

Preferred parking, where you can park closer to the theme park entrance, costs $50 and $20 before and after 5 pm, respectively.

If you want to park even closer, you can choose Front Gate parking for $70.

What is the best place to park at Universal Hollywood?

If you want to park closer to the theme park, you must choose Preferred parking at the Frankenstein Garage, a 5-minute walk to the entry gate.

You can also park at the entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Remember, the closer you park, the higher you will have to pay.

How many cars can park at Universal Hollywood?

The 8 level tall new parking lot, E.T. The garage has a capacity of housing around 5,000 cars.

Combined with the earlier parking spaces, Universal Hollywood can accommodate nearly 25,000 cars. 

Is Handicap Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood free?

Handicap parking at Universal Studios Hollywood is available for $30 before 5 pm and $10 after 5 pm on level 3.

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