Universal Studios Hollywood Restaurants

Universal Studios offers a few unique menu items and dining establishments which draw inspiration from local tastes, TV shows, and movies. 

Explore the best meals (and a few snacks) at the top Universal Studios Hollywood restaurants.

Enjoy Delish Food from Springfield, U.S.A.

Savor the typical American cuisine in Springfield, USA, with a Simpsons twist. At Luigi’s, you may satisfy your cravings for pizza, pasta, and Caesar salad. 

After savoring a Krusty Burger and a mammal milkshake at Krusty Burger, devour a massive doughnut at Lard Lad Doughnuts. 

Get some fried chicken, chicken and waffle sandwiches, or chicken “thumbs” at Cletus’ Chicken Shack. 

You can get excellent pretzels in addition to hot dogs at Suds McDuff’s Hot Dog House!

To experience the deliciousness, get your hands on the Universal Studios Hollywood tickets at the earliest.

Luigi’s Pizza

This iconic little pizza place is also recognized as Springfield’s best Italian restaurant. 

One of the best places to eat near Universal Studios Hollywood is a quick-service pizza restaurant with a Simpsons theme. 

You must expect the meal to be wonderful, hot, and fresh since this is where all of the prominent Simpsons criminals congregate.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Upper Lot

Type of food: Italian, pizza

Must-try foods: Fat Tony’s witness-protected pasta, the Meat Hater’s, Nice Slice o’ pepperoni pizza

Tips and Tricks: The seating arrangement can be difficult and constrained here. 

We strongly advise leaving the establishment and using the seating area outside, directly behind Stage 56. 

Right on the waterfront, there is a wonderful row of shaded tables.

Lard Lad Donuts

Fast Food Boulevard is home to Springfield’s favorite seller of sweet circular sweets, which towers above the surrounding area. 

A charming and whimsical donut store that serves some of the best things to eat at Universal Studios — giant pink-iced donuts.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Upper Lot

Type of food: Doughnuts

Must-try foods: The Big Pink, the Lard Lad donut

Tips and Tricks: We adore Lard Lad Donuts because it’s one of the few spots at Universal Studios Hollywood where you can have breakfast. 

Some of the most delectable dairy-free options at Universal CityWalk Hollywood include a full dairy-free menu of cake and yeast doughnuts.

Krusty Burger 

One of the best restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood is Krusty Burger, modeled like the eatery from The Simpsons television program.

Without visiting Krusty the Clown’s renowned hamburger shop, no trip to Springfield would be complete, where you can expect actual rapid service.

This ridiculous burger establishment is about making you feel like a character in the venerable program.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Upper Lot

Type of food: American- burgers

Must-try foods: Krusty burger, Mother Nature burger, Clogger burger

Tips and Tricks:

If you’re wondering where to eat at Universal Studios Hollywood and want a burger, we suggest coming here. 

If you are still looking for a table, remember to go upstairs, with many seats.

Cletus’ Chicken Shack

You will find the tastiest food here, north and south of the Mason-Dixon Line. 

Cletus, a Simpsons fan favorite, prepares the most delicious parts of the chicken in traditional hillbilly fashion.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Upper Lot

Type of food: American, fried chicken

Must-try foods: Chicken and waffle sandwich, Double batter chicken platter, Chicken thumbs

Try Cletus’ Chicken and Waffle sandwich when you visit Universal Studios Orlando the next time. 

This delicious dish is the best thing to eat at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck

No one knows delicious Mexican food like a dude in a bumblebee costume!

Bumblebee Man, one of The Simpsons’ most eccentric characters, has joined the food truck trend. 

Place your order at his quick-service car close to Springfield’s entrance for delicious, grab-and-go tacos.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Upper Lot

Type of food: Mexican, tacos

Must-try foods: Tacos – Carne Asada, Macho Nachos

Tips and Tricks: Locate several outdoor locations with sheltered seating spots.

The Macho Nachos are the best choice if you’re starving. You get the most food for the price. It contains a variety of different things. 

Additionally, you can pick the type of meat you want. This is the only valid choice available to vegetarians at the truck.

Duff Brewery Beer Garden

Sit in the Duff Brewery beer garden with a chilled glass of Homer’s preferred beverage. 

This outside bar has plenty of seating and umbrella-covered tables, making it the ideal place to sip some suds and enjoy popular Simpsons episodes.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Upper Lot

Type of food: Beers

Must-try foods: Duff beer, Angel City IPA, Blue moon

Tips and Tricks: Don’t forget to grab a Duff Beer and relax for a while. 

There are numerous patio tables nearby, and you can also get some food since the Taco Truck and Luigi’s Pizza are next to the Beer Garden.

Moe’s Tavern

Enter Springfield’s most well-known bar and enjoy authentic Duff Beer.

Enter Springfield’s most famous bar and sit at the bar to sip on a genuine Duff Beer created especially for Universal Studios. 

You’ll adore Moe’s Tavern, where the jukebox is just as malfunctioning as most of Moe’s regulars.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Upper Lot

Type of food: Cocktails

Must-try foods: Flaming Moe, Dufftoberfest

Tips and Tricks:

Once you’ve got a drink in your hand, use the Love Tester to see what kind of lover you are. 

The Love Tester will give you straight dope if you place your palm on the metal sensors. 

Mel’s Diner

The fantastic Diner food served at this vintage restaurant is always in style and one of the best Universal Studios Hollywood restaurants.

At this 1950s drive-in with American Graffiti influences and golden oldies on the jukebox, get ready to rock nonstop.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood, Upper Lot

Type of food: American

Must-try foods: Mel’s Classic burger, Hot chicken sandwich, Chili cheese dog, Milkshakes

Tips and Tricks: The cuisine at diners is always in vogue. 

At Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood we leap for the Who Hash can and other festive seasonal goodies.

Dine at Jurassic Café and enjoy Costa Rican cuisine

If the thrilling rides in the lower lot make you hungry, you can always enter Jurassic World for a Costa Rican meal and one of the best food in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Jurassic Café

Jurassic Cafe is the ideal place for a good bite, regardless of whether you are hungry for a T. rex or want to nibble.

An extravagantly designed fast-service restaurant with everything a fan of Jurassic Park could wish for. 

One of the best restaurants at Universal Studios Hollywood, it offers a decent menu with specialties at a reasonable price.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Lower Lot

Type of food: American

Must-try foods: Isla chicken sandwich, Citrus-glazed chicken, and BBQ brisket sandwich

Tips and Tricks:

Order the main course with rice and beans over fries if you want a satisfying dinner and plenty of food. 

The French fries are excellent, but the rice and beans are enormous and should keep you filled all day. 

Isla Nu-Bar

At the Isla Nu-bar, savor drinks with a tropical theme while sipping a tiki cocktail under the thatched roof’s shady canopy.

It is a dining establishment featuring refreshing drinks and a tropical coastal ambiance. 

This restaurant absolutely kills it in terms of decorations, delectable cocktails, and some of the best food at Universal Studios Hollywood 2022.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood— Lower Lot

Type of food: Beverages

Must-try foods: Tropical Margarita, Pina Colada and Tiki Tai

Tips and Tricks:

The margaritas are one of Isla Nu-Bar’’s greatest features! 

If it’s a scorching day in the sun, we urge you to order one of their trademark frozen margaritas from the bar menu.

You can also purchase fast Chinese food at Panda Express or a corn dog at Mummy Eats in the lower lot. 

If you want to indulge, coffee shops like Starbucks and ice cream parlors like Studio Scoops are nearby.

Eat like a minion for dinner or dessert.

What do the Minions enjoy? Bananas! 

Super Silly Fun Land might be the top banana for your small minions.

Minions Cafe

Enjoy some of the “despicably” delicious foods at the Minion Cafe.

It is a highly entertaining, energetic, and colorful cafe with lots of Minion theming and some of the most excellent food at Universal Studios Hollywood.  

We’ve never seen a location that screams ‘banana’ with such intensity, and it’s ideal for families and Minions fans.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood — Upper Lot

Type of food: American

Must-try foods: Loaded nachos with Chicken, Chicken Bacon ranch Mac n Cheese, Pulled Pork grilled cheese with Banana BBQ sauce

Tips and Tricks:

You’ll want to take pictures to remember your trip, especially with the Minions Cafe photo opportunity.

So don’t forget your phones and cameras! 

Along with fantastic food packaging, this eatery sells Minions memorabilia like the refillable Minions sipper.

Despicable Delights

Situated next to Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, it features some of the most unusual Despicable Me treats.

These include Banana Fruit Bar, Banana and Grape Minion Favorite Cotton Candy, and Minion Popcorn Bucket. 

Banana frozen yogurt, banana candies, raspberry ice, whip cream, and fountain beverages are just a few of the floats available.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood— Upper Lot

Type of food: American- snacks

Must-try foods: Minion cotton candy, Collectible Minion sipper, Minion car popcorn bucket

Tips and Tricks:

Try the banana and grape-flavored Minion favorite cotton candy.

You can also take the Minion souvenir cups with the collectible Minion sippers.

Relish an English meal like Harry Potter

Take a seat and enjoy a delicious selection of British cuisine at Harry Potter and his friends’ favorite restaurants in Hogsmeade.

Three Broomsticks

Harry Potter first sampled the enticing wizarding beverage in the cozy, snow-capped inn. 

One of the fast-service eateries at Universal Studios Hollywood that we adore for various reasons. 

In Hogsmeade, there is a restaurant with a Harry Potter theme that fulfills all of our fantasies as die-hard Potterheads. 

The rustic tavern from The Three Broomsticks is replicated here, with unique details and mouth watering food.

Location: Hogsmeade Village

Type of food: British

Must-try foods: The great feast, Roast chicken, Fish and chips

Tips and Tricks:

When dining inside the park, The Three Broomsticks is undoubtedly the best option due to the top quality and quantity of the cuisine served. 

The restaurant has a sizable interior with lots of space for families seeking shade.

Hog’s Head

Enter the gloomy and dim Hog’s Head Pub, where Dumbledore’s Army first gathered. 

You can indulge in any magical concoction you choose here! 

This pub in the back of Three Broomsticks is the ideal location for Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice and local and imported beers, the pub’s exclusive Hog’s Head Brew.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood— Upper Lot

Type of food: British- beers

Must-try foods: Hog’s Head ale, Butterbeer, Dragon Scale

Tips and Tricks: Are you aware that there is a hidden menu? Don’t forget to ask your bartender for their recommendations and specialties. 

Additionally, you can request your bartender to blend beers for a Triple or a Snakebite. 

Ask around because bartenders there offer different beverages. 

Try Mexican Food at Cocina Mexicana, Upper Lot

Want some Mexican food? If so, Cocina Mexicana is the place for you. 

It is one of the top Universal Studios California restaurants that offers a vast selection of Mexican favorites like nachos, soups, and tacos.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood

Type of food: Mexican

Must-try foods: Taco platter, Sopes, Mini-churro bites

Tips and Tricks: Cocina Mexicana has all you need to seek vegan food at Universal Studios Hollywood.  

Almost everything on the menu, even the dessert, may be altered or requested with plant-based options. 

Although one can enjoy the meat options, we appreciate having a plant-based alternative.

Mobile Eating

If you are in a hurry, head to the  Studio Café in the Lower Lot and the Palace Café in the Upper Lot, which provides hot and cold food.  

French Street Bistro on the Upper Lot serves cold salads, sandwiches, fruit, and baked goods. 

The Universal Tower Snack Shop offers turkey legs and hot dogs. 

It is located behind the ticket counter.

On your way to TRANSFORMERS: The Ride 3-D, stop at Mummy Eats in the Lower Lot for a corn dog snack.

You can also explore Universal CityWalk for great food and restaurants near Universal Studios Hollywood.

Featured Image: Visittheusa.com

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