Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience

Elevate your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood with priority ride access, expert insights and luxury.

The VIP Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of the entertainment world.

It goes beyond the typical theme park visit, allowing special access to locations off-limits to the general public. 

With a six to seven-hour guided tour, the exclusive experience is both worthwhile and fun, making every minute and every cent count. 

The tour also includes a gourmet lunch and valet service.

Moreover, Universal Studios Hollywood VIP tours are customizable and available in both private and non-private settings.


The Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Tour promises an unparalleled experience where every moment is curated to maximize enjoyment. 

A Universal expert accompanies you, guiding you through the park’s most coveted shows and rides. 

The perks extend beyond the tour, with pre and post-tour benefits, including complimentary meals and a Universal Express Pass for skipping regular lines.

With the VIP experience, you can start your tour before the official park opening and stay until closing time. 

This extended access, coupled with Universal Express Passes, allows you to explore the park and its attractions at your own pace.

The VIP tour unveils the magic of Universal Hollywood as a functioning TV and Movie production studio. 

During the iconic Studio Tour, the VIP Experience trolley accommodates a smaller group of about 24 people.

Unlike the regular tram tour, this intimate experience explores backstage areas, offering exclusive insights into studio buildings, furniture and costume selections and the chance for live filming sightings.

The tour provides secure location exploration even on non-filming days, granting a behind-the-scenes immersion into the entertainment industry. 

The VIP lounge offers a delightful breakfast, and complimentary valet parking adds convenience, reducing unnecessary walking. 

VIP Universal Studios Hollywood tickets 

Universal Studios Hollywood VIP tickets allow one-day access to the park. 

Pricing for the Universal Studios Hollywood VIP tour varies.

The group tour VIP Universal Studios Hollywood price is around $400 per person.

Each exclusive group, limited to eighteen people, ensures a personalized journey through the magic of Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Other options include the Universal Express ticket, which provides a one-time express lane entrance per ride for the same day at $319 and the Unlimited Express for $369. 

Is it worth it? 

If your goal is to make the most of your time and enhance your Universal Studios Hollywood experience, the Universal VIP tour is often a worthwhile investment.

The non-private VIP tours can be budget-friendly when you consider all the extra perks. 

The fact that you get an unlimited Universal Express Pass with your Universal VIP ticket is a game-changer, allowing you to hit more rides throughout the day. 

Plus, the Universal Express Pass is usually a significant chunk of the cost of the non-private VIP tour. 

When you factor in free valet parking and meals, upgrading to the Universal VIP tour might not cost much more.

For some real insights, check out VIP experience Universal Studios Hollywood reviews from past guests. 

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